Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Turkish Short Animation Film Won DotFest

A Turkish short animation film became the winner of the International Online Short Film Festival DotFest in the category of Animation. The film by Serdar Kocak from the Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Animation competed against 400 short films. Animated DotFest contest in the branch became the first in a short film called ''Balance''.

Kocak said the cartoon heroes of his film came to mind while he was thinking of a symbol for a tattoo, adding that he used those heroes in his short cartoon film made for his term paper.

He said the film showed that the world was formed with a balance. “There is only one drawing in the film. But I featured two characters, symbolizing a woman and a man, in a single drawing. One of the characters puts great effort to reach the other sitting on a balance board. But the other does not care about it. But later on, the foot of the former slips. This is why the balance board becomes unbalanced and this character comes near to the other one. As they finally come together, a fly destroys the balance of the balance board again. I try to tell in this film that everything is not the same as they are seen, everything in the world is on a balance, and there are also factors that destroy this balance. My film was appreciated by my friends and teachers.”

Kocak said he joined the competition through the Internet and became one of the first 10. “Jury members selected my film among these 10 films from France, Russia, England, Hungary, the United States and Turkey.”


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