Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spiderman Artist Randy Emberlin’s Art Camps of Summer

Professional instructor Randy Emberlin, best known for his work on Amazing Spider-Man and G.I. Joe, will be teaching two Art Camps this summer, the Cartooning and Comic Book Art Camp and The Animation Art Camp. Camps run Monday-Thursday, 9am-3:30pm during the weeks of July 5-8 and August 2-5, 2010.

In the Cartooning and Comic Book Camp students learn how to draw comic book Super-Heroes, Cartoon Characters, Funny Animals, Japanese Manga and Animae. The children will be able to design their own Comic Book Characters using model sheets and make full-sized Comic Book Covers and Sound Effects Action Posters. In the Animation Art Camp, students will explore cartoon animation using Zoetrope strips, flip books and Digital Camera Pixelation.

This summer Students will be offered a unique educational experience learning to draw their favorite comic book Super-Heroes with Spiderman artist Randy Emberlin.


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