Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Cartoon Collection

Many have tried and a number have succeeded, actually. As book-to-film adaptations go, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have fared pretty well, so Tim Burton isn't exactly trying to hit a bulls-eye on a shifting smoke ring. But moviegoer’s can´t wait to see what the slightly twisted genius has done to the Alice story, or what Johnny Depp brings to the Mad Hatter certainly something different from what Edward Everett Horton brought to the role in 1933, or how Martin Short interpreted it for the 1999 TV performance. And one would guess that Helena Bonham Carter makes a slightly different Red Queen from Miranda Richardson (1999), Jayne Meadows (1985), or Eve Arden (1983).

The point is, interest is high right now, so it's more than a little timely that Infinity Entertainment Group is releasing "Alice in Wonderland: Classic Film Collection."

Included in the set is a 1915 silent version thought lost, two Disney-produced cartoon shorts from 1925, a 1966 animated a feature film with a French twist, and a 1972 British musical theatrical adaptation featuring Peter Sellers and Dudley Moore.

Fall down the rabbit hole and discover or rediscover wondrous adventures with the "Alice in Wonderland: Classic Film Collection," a special collector´s set on DVD March 30 from Infinity Entertainment Group.

Lewis Carroll´s whimsical 1865 novel, Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland, was a cinematic favorite long before Johnny Depp "went Mad." The first film (just eight minutes long) was produced in 1903. With dozens of versions since for stage, film and TV, its beloved characters have been played by some of Hollywood´s most legendary actors.

Special collector´s set, with rare film, includes:

"Alice in Wonderland" (1915)--The first version near to the novel, this silent movie starred Viola Savoy. Though many believe the film to be lost in its entirety, this presentation includes all 52 minutes. Produced long before CGI, the creatures are costumed actors and the absence of dialogue creates a surreal, dreamlike quality. Also stars Elmo Lincoln, who went on to fame as the original Tarzan.

"Alice´s Adventures in Cartoon land" (1925)--Two shorts from an animated film series directed and produced by Walt Disney himself, starring curly-haired, four-year-old Virginia Davis, called Disney´s "first cinematic star" by the New York Times, and Margie Gay. (Includes drawings some historians think may have influenced the evolution of Mickey and other iconic cartoon characters). Initially performing before a white cloth with Disney instructing, "Let´s pretend," the animated characters were added later

"Alice of Wonderland in Paris" (1966)--This enchanting feature film with French animation includes the voice of Carl Reiner.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1972)--This British musical theatrical film adaptation features a star-studded cast, including Michael Crawford, Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore and Fiona Fullerton.

"Alice in Wonderland: Classic Film Collection" is presented in full screen with an aspect ratio of 4x3 and original sound.


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