Monday, May 10, 2010

Avi Arad’s Planning to Develop Pac-Man Movie

Avi Arad, once the head of Marvel Studios, will be making an appearance at the E3 conference this July with Namco, the company celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man and producing the uncharted movie, is scheduled to appear at Namco Bandai's 30th birthday celebration for Pac-Man on June 15. He will help the company announce a new Pac-Man project, which many feel will be the announcement of a Pac-Man movie.

While the game company will be announcing new console, arcade and mobile versions of the classic game, Arad will be on hand to announce a "mystery" project related to the franchise. Since Arad is a movie producer, it doesn't take a detective to figure out that they're going to be developing a PAC-MAN movie.

Adding fuel to the speculative fire is the fact that Steven Paul, Arad's production partner, and his Crystal Sky company have been looking to make a Pac-Man movie since 2002. Paul made a $200 million deal in May 2008 with Grosvenor Park to finance 5 films, including Pac-Man and Castlevania. The pair worked together on numerous films, and Paul is a producer on the upcoming Tekken movie.

How exactly would one make a movie about a circular yellow creature chomping pellets and chasing ghosts? Well I suppose the simplest choice would be to develop a 3D animated film with Sony Pictures Animation or something like that. An update of "Pac-Man" cartoon is using modern CG animation.


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