Monday, May 24, 2010

4Kids Entertainment Presenting "Penelope" for Preschool Kids

4Kids Entertainment International will be presenting Penelope, the preschool property that it has begun representing in the L&M market, excluding Asia and France.

Penelope is based on the best-selling book series by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben about a cute 3-year-old blue koala with a funny red nose, insatiable curiosity and a great sense of humor. Penelope is a wonderful edutainment property which has been a real success in Japan over the last few years.

Penelope is a beautiful, short-form animated series about a preschool-aged koala whose boundless energy and never ending curiosity send the kid on various explorations of imagination and of the natural world.

This Penelope is a three-year-old koala with blue fur and a funny red nose; the child is constantly interested in self-expression, interacting with friends and family, and discovering more about the surrounding world. Naturally, Penelope is a television animation for pre-K audiences, placing additional emphasis on the visual and language arts.

Penelope encourages the young characters at its center to broaden their personal worlds by exploring open fields, climbing trees, playing a new musical instrument, or putting paint to canvass. Penelope enjoys hanging out with family, and often breaks out into reverie upon seeing or hearing something new around town, school, or even at home. Penelope was a co-production by Nippon Animation, NHK Enterprises and Shirogumi, Inc., with music by Yuko Fukushima and screenwriting by anime industry veteran Michiru Shimada. Episodes for the cartoon are only five minutes in length, but are rather substantial, visually-speaking. The artworks, guided by series background designer Yuta Sukegawa, retain the hand-painted look and feel of the original children's books. The tactile visual aesthetic is ideal for preschool viewers, and successfully expands Penelope's five-minute adventures into something much more.


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