Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Microsoft’s Project Natal 3D Animation Primesense

Microsoft joins Sony and Nintendo in offering a motion-sensitive gaming experience with Project Natal for the Xbox 360 console. The company sent out a press invitation announcing a Project Natal event at this year's E3 video game industry convention in June.

Most of us remember great 3D animation science fiction/adventure cartoon The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from late 80s and early 90s in which a boy named jonny used to fight bad guys cyberspace realm known as “Questworld”.

A few years back Nintendo’s Wii revolutionized the way we know gaming but now in near future Microsoft’s Project Natal will completely change the gaming world with its latest technology which can detect & recognize human movements.

According to the manufacturer’s, the sensor technology can be placed in a bar much like Nintendo’s sensor or integrated in a host device directly via a USB 2.0 plug and play connection. The bar integrates an IR light source and common CMOS image sensor as well as Primesense’s PS1080 system on a chip (SoC) to process and interpret captured 3D data.

What makes the sensor special is that the technology captures 3D or depth via light coding. According to Primesense, light coding works by coding the scene volume with near-IR light. “A standard off-the-shelf CMOS image sensor [is used] to read the coded light back from the scene,” the manufacturer explains. “PrimeSense’s SoC chip is connected to the CMOS image sensor, and executes a sophisticated parallel computational algorithm to decipher the received light coding and produce a depth image of the scene. The solution is immune to ambient light.”


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