Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirtgirlworld Animation for Preschoolers

Philadelphia Sprout will celebrate Earth Day by introducing dirtgirlworld, an Australian import that combines live action, animation, photomontage and illustration plus catchy songs in a series that introduces preschoolers to the joys of outdoor play and sustainable green living. Sprout has slated the exclusive U.S. premiere of DECODE Enterprises dirtgirlworld.

The series will launch on Earth Day with a special marathon, Sprout's Dig into Earth Day with dirtgirlworld which was created by writer/producer Cate McQuillen and composer/writer Hewey Eustace.

The music-centric show takes the audience to a world where the real and unreal collide. Dirtgirlworld shares an environmental message, explores the natural world and invites the audience to “go get grubby” with dirtgirl, a gumboot wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows clouds’ names and drives a big orange tractor.

Helping dirtgirl are her best friend, scrapboy, a cowpunk who is a whiz with junk; grubby, with her grub’s eye view; ken the weevil, a super stunt star with an inferiority complex; roger the rooster and the chicks; hayman the monosyllabic scarecrow; and the green thumbs — real kids shown in real gardens.


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