Sunday, February 7, 2010

ThunderCats Cartoons Moral

A writer from the UK contacted recently with the news that he is writing a book about ThunderCats.

Thundercats was one of the blended their moral into the episode more subtly cartoons. The characters would never address the audience, but each other, and did not suddenly monologue about what we should have learned. “Berbils”, an early episode, is pretty apt. Lion-O insists that the Thundercats build their new headquarters themselves. However, one of the berbils interjects (in really cool, synthesized voice), “We're friends. Friends help each other.” To which Tigra quips, “You know, he has a point”.

Every ThunderCats script was reviewed by a psychologist to be sure it would be a positive experience for the young viewer. It worked! If you check the statistics during the period the cartoon aired, you'll see that murder rates went down, school attendance went up and SAT scores went through the roof. When kids weren't scoring really high on their SATs or busy not committing crimes they were peeing their beds, scared to death with nightmares of Mumm-Ra, the bad guy of ThunderCats.


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