Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Charlie Chaplin 3-D cartoon

Charlie Chaplin is to be brought to life as a cartoon character via an Indian-French collaboration that will see the legendary British comedian featured in an animated television series. DQ Entertainment, an animation and special effects firm based in the southern city of Hyderabad, says it is to reproduce the entertainer’s slapstick in 3D and computer-generated images for television.

The 7 million pound project will feature computer-generated images in more than 104 six-minute episodes that are aimed at children aged six and above.

“It won’t be a realistic portrayal but more like a puppet in an offbeat universe,”

The companies plan to make some 104 episodes of six-minutes each, using Chaplin's vagabond character known as The Tramp with his trademark bowler hat and handlebar moustache. Chaplin's hapless, homeless character was made famous in movies such as The Kid, City Lights, The Gold Rush and Modern Times Original stories will also be created for the series.


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