Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anime Cartoons

A lot of people hear “anime” and instantly make associations. They think of kids and cartoons, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. But to over 25 students at KU, anime is a lot deeper than a simple kids cartoon.

For junior Chemistry major and president of the KU Anime Club, Kyle Lilley, watching anime has been a lifelong interest. He said it wasn’t until around 10th grade, however, when he realized that anime was more than just kids’ entertainment, but rather a large genre with an expansive adult following.

The KU Anime Club attempts to take its members’ interest in anime and broaden it to a more in-depth look at the genre. Their one rule: the shows they choose cannot have aired in the U.S. within the last five years. Lilley says that this helps to introduce variety to the club and expose the members to newer – and, often, more in-depth – shows.

So what’s the draw to anime? According to Lilley, his interest in anime is no different than having an interest in any other genre. “Why not anime as opposed to someone who likes horror?” Lilley asked. For Abraham Klein, junior Psychology major and the club’s self-proclaimed “one-man welcome-wagon,” anime is also about an interest in the aesthetic of the cartoon as well as an interest in Japanese culture.


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