Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Children's TV Show - The Bosco and Zoe Show

Bosco and Zoe are rapidly moving from the toy fair to the TV: Pacific Dragon Holdings, Inc. has recently acquired the rights to the animated characters, and is raising a children’s show in both English and Spanish.

Pacific Dragon Holdings will enter into a joint undertaking with Brothers Victory Cartoon Animation Fabrication Co., Ltd., the company that shaped the characters, to manage global licensing for the show. There are at present 130 completed episodes of “The Bosco and Zoe Show,” with 40 more in production.

The company plans to air the show for two years, at which time they will begin work on a film. Jeff Myers, president of Pacific Dragon Holdings, said he is already writing an draw round for the script.

The complicated animation has been done by four studios in the Huai’an City area, part of mainland China. Myers is in talks with larger animation houses about working together on the Bosco and Zoe project.

“Bosco and Zoe are intended to become main characters in the preschool market,” Myers said. “The sweet, innocent wisdom that each of these characters possess is amazing that is not very often seen.”

Myers first met the characters while at the International Hong Kong Toy Fair in January 2011, where he found a small booth that was displaying a poster of a character called Alafa. The company representative’s organization the booth explained that Alafa was accepted in one province in China, and they wanted to bring in the show to the Western market.

Myers was conspiracy, and in February began meeting with Brothers Victory Cartoon Animation Fabrication Company. Despite significant language barriers, the two companies agreed on a agreement. Pacific Dragon Holdings obtained the North American, South American and Japanese rights to the character. The company had the rights to re-name the characters, redub the show and produce new western version of the television show.

“It all started with a casual fleeting look, a change meeting in a foreign country and two foreign groups coming together in agreement, creating a new international joint venture,” he said. So get ready to welcome this wonderful new children’s animation, “The Bosco and Zoe Show” as it gains contact worldwide.


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