Friday, April 1, 2011

Japan disaster flashes Simpsons nuclear disaster ban

Broadcasters in Germany, Australia and Switzerland have strong-willed to ban or censor episodes of The Simpsons that poke fun at nuclear tragedy in light of Japan's atomic crisis.

"We are examination all the episodes and we won't show any suspect ones, but we won't cut any scenes," Stella Rodger, a spokesman for German private broadcaster Pro7, said. "We haven't late any yet."

Austria's ORF network has so far banned a total of eight episodes, counting one that features scientists Marie and Pierre Curie dying of emission fatal. Switzerland's SF network has done the same.

The nuclear plant in the Simpsons' hometown of Springfield is a key element in the long-running satirical cartoon, with the hapless Homer in charge of safety despite a slapdash comes near evident from the opening credits beyond.

Previous episodes have shown nuclear waste deserted in a children's playground, plutonium used as a paperweight, cracked cooling towers, glowing rats and three-eyed mutant fish, as well as near-meltdowns.

"Of course we can't totally change the entire content," Ms Rodger acknowledged.


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