Monday, June 14, 2010

Rayman Origins is back with classic 2D platform

After years out of the spotlight, a new Rayman is finally on the way. Ubisoft announced Rayman Origins at the company's press conference.

Using a new toolset developed by Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil designer Michel Ancel, a team of just five people are putting together Rayman Origins. The game looks to be a return to the platforming franchise's roots, with extremely detailed, 2D environments and some seriously beautiful animation.

From the looks of the trailer, Rayman also won't be going this one alone. We're not sure of the gameplay implications, but at some point Rayman befriend a large, beast-like thing that appears to join him on his adventure.

The classic 2D platformer is back with an incredible art style and absolutely jaw-dropping visuals. The trailer, which moves into actual gameplay, looks entirely reminiscent of the original Rayman games but with a much sharper, ethereal look.

Ray Man: Origins introduces the character’s origins and expands to tell fans how the running star character was created and unveils the existence of his dark brother. The animation is very stylized and looks like a running cartoon more than a traditional video game or 3D sprite and with examples like Trine and Castle Crashers it’s evident that modern HD games can make cartoon platformers look and play amazingly.


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