Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arabic Language Treasure Cartoon to Learn Arabic

The second edition of Arabian Sinbad "Arabic Language Treasure" package is due for UAE exclusive launch during June 2010.

The updated package of Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure created by Fine Media Group and Dubai based animation company EmariToons is to be launched exclusively in the UAE, with markets in the rest of the world to follow shortly. Maher Hakim, CEO, limitless Knowledge, the world wide distributer of the product, said: "We are proud to present this second edition, which utilizes proven immersive and engaging language teaching techniques via cartoon animation, clear pronunciation, repetition, music and song”.

The 18 cartoon episodes utilize the renowned “Immersion & Repetition Method” which plunges the viewer into the new language as if he or she were explorers in that country. The 24+ cute and hilarious cartoon characters where joined in superstar Arabian Sinbad; a young sailor boy with a perfect classical Arabic accent and a love for treasures and adventures, are all now ready to teach you Arabic.

The Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure DVDs feature a series of pirate themed adventures of a boy and his sister on a treasure island that only uses Arabic no English is spoken whatsoever. By completely immersing the viewer in the Arabic language, children would be able to quickly make direct mental connections between what they see and what they hear without an intermediary, thereby developing an ear for Arabic. The first edition of the package Arabian Sinbad Treasure Chest, launched in March 2006.


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