Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Animated Series of Voltron Movie is Back

The Hollywood big screen adaptation of iconic 1980s television cartoon Voltron has been languishing in development hell for years. After several script drafts, the live-action movie version is heading back to square one.

UTA agency is now representing World Events Productions, who own the US rights to "Voltron," that focuses on a band of five robot-lions (piloted by humans) that combine to form one giant warrior.

The original Voltron cartoon was a mix-mash of two Japanese anime: Armored Fleet Dairugger XV and Beast King Go-Lion. A "Voltron" movie has already been set up with producer Charles Roven, and UTA is expected to help bring a writer aboard and begin shopping the projects to studios.

The pitch is expected to include the idea that, unlike other toy brands, "Voltron" allows for human-centric stories. In addition to the movie, the agency also aims to expand the property into an animated cable series, video games and toy deals.

Film adaptation for the Voltron film is long awaited by the fans, but now the whole production has stopped and the previous director Max Makowski is no longer attached to direct the big screen adaptation.


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