Monday, April 5, 2010

All New Comedic Star Wars Cartoon Series

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas' Lucasfilm Animation announced it is developing a new animated "Star Wars" series that will take a comedic and irreverent look at the characters from the sci-fi franchise and will feature creative involvement from Green and Senreich as well as writing from Brendan Hay.

A new comedic Star Wars TV show was being developed and that the writing talents behind “The Daily Show” and “Robot Chicken” were involved in it, you probably would have just rolled your eyes and moved on. After all, George Lucas has already proven he’s more than willing to exploit his sci-fi creation for all its worth but even that idea sounds a bit far-fetched.

Well, the maestro of operatic sci-fi warfare has shocked fans again as his Lucasfilm animation studios has announced that they are indeed working on a comedy series set in the legendary galaxy far, far away. This will be the organization’s second TV project as their first, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” premiered only back in 2008 and is currently in its second season which airs on Cartoon Network. Meanwhile, "Chicken" buoyed by its popular "Star Wars: Episode 1 and 2" specials, is the flagship series on Adult Swim.


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