Thursday, October 7, 2010

World's first children's story book with 3D animation

Finland has published the world's first interactive 3D animation story book to offer children a brand new experience day.

The 3D animation story book for children is just like normal fairy books, only with some special small black squares in some pages of it to point to the interactive 3D animation. Once the web camera faces toward a black square, 3D-animation cartoon figures and pictures will come into view in computer screen. This latest technology be relevant to the children's story book was uniquely developed by the Technical Research Center of Finland with many years research on "Augmented Reality" technology.

According to a researcher from the technical research center, the so-called "Augmented Reality" is to add virtual reality on top of real video. The technology, though still in the childhood phase, is believed to be widely useful for mobile devices, mobile phones and game consoles, as well as the printing media, like newspapers. However, Finnish book publishers do not see this new 3D technology would threaten the traditional children's books, rather its added value is to bring more surprises to children.


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