Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best toys of 2010

Lalaloopsy Doll

While they look like regular rag dolls, every Lalaloopsy character comes with its own special history, including the day it was sewn, what it was sewn from (painter’s smock, clown costume, baker’s apron), and how that history has infused the doll with a special personality—artist, goofball, sugar-lover, you get the idea.

Disney Princess And Me Dolls

Princess Dolls will always be a hit among the princess crowd, and these 18-inch Disney wonders—including Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella or Tiana—come with tiaras, signature gowns, and invitations to become part of the Princess & Me Royal Family.

Pillow Pets

A pillow that converts into a stuffed animal and back again? Genius and useful! We like the bee, but the ladybug, unicorn, monkey and puppy version are cute, too.

Calico Critters Luxury Town House

Calico Critters and the Cloverleaf Corner friends live it up in style with this four-room, two-story house. With a movable staircase and lights that turn on and off, we just wish it came in human size.

Bigfoot The Monster

This is a plastic toddler, but with the ability to talk, walks, chew, burp and throw a ball, this remote control could be an instant hit to your kid.

Large Zoo Set

An instant hit with any animal lovers, this plastic menagerie comes with multiple animal enclosures for the elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lion family, as well as a ticket counter and a souvenir shop.


There’s more to these tiny, plush critters than dates the eye. Press their bellies and you’ll divulge a tiny singing mouth, press their hands and you’ll hear a range of singing options. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs can sing tunes, babble away or even sing in harmony with each other.


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