Friday, December 18, 2009

Simpsons Family - Cartoon Celebrate 20th Birthday

The Simpsons family first burst on American TV screens. So today, the world’s most famous dysfunctional cartoon family is celebrating their 20th birthday. sure that’s right – “The Simpsons” have been leaving for 20 years now!

According to, the Fox network show’s authority on popular American culture was particularly highlighted, when “The Simpsons” were idolized on United States postage stamps previous this year. And we can’t forget when Marge was on the wrap of Playboy magazine either.

The show’s huge achievement has even surprised its creator Matt Groening, who said previous this year that he knew the show was going to be successful, but he didn’t quite realize it would become so big, last for as extended as it has, and become the global occurrence that it is today.


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