Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mickey Mouse and Christmas Carol

On a lighter note, there is this standard-length small, which was the next-to-last Mickey Mouse dramatic cartoon shaped for thirty years. It also happens to be one of Disney's best, with or lacking Mickey. Christmastime is upon us, a detail quickly announced by the short combination of seasonal tune instrumentals that accompanies the opportunity title screens. To get ready for the holiday, Mickey and Pluto go out to cut down a Christmas tree.

The one Mickey picks out suddenly comes with two chipmunk residents, Chip 'n (you guessed it!) Dale. When Pluto finds this out, he's furious, but the two naughty rodents barely and frequently escape the dog's attempts to prevent them. It is Pluto's actions which threaten the vibrantly-decorated tree and raise Mickey's rarely-seen temper. A new nice, joyful, Christmas ending punctuates this fun cartoon which at all times dazzles the eyes with its bright holiday imagery.

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